In Home Newborn Photos

January 26, 2022

In home newborn photos has been a true love of mine for many years now. There’s something just so special about photographing tiny babies.

A LOT of people enquire with me and don’t realize that newborn photography exists outside of the wrapped and posed newborn look. In fact, it’s definitely a challenge for me. People just assume that is what newborn photos look like, so I have to make sure (over and over and over) that my clients understand that my photographs are completely different.

In Home Newborn Photos

  • Can be taken anytime (not limited to 2 weeks after birth). I consider three months and under to be newborn.
  • There’s really not a big difference between my newborn and family photos. The difference is in the equipment I bring and the way I prepare you for your session.
  • All sessions (except Baby Milestones) include the family and siblings.
  • I have swaddles and outfits. Swaddles are to lie the baby on – not necessarily to wrap them. By laying baby on a variety of swaddles with different colours, textures and prints we create a beautiful and easy background.
  • My outfits are super neutral. Knits are great because they add texture. Small prints are also an easy way to add interest. I like to stick to neutrals because I personally like this colour palette and it also doesn’t overwhelm the baby. I want to focus on your baby and knot any crazy clothing.
  • My newborn sessions are up to two hours. My goal is NOT to spend two hours in your home – if we are done after an hour I will let you get on with your day. However, we all know it’s there if we need it so there is no stress.
  • Sessions can be at home or in the studio. We just use the studio as a living room – there are never any backdrops used.

Contact me for details on in-home newborn photos.