Maternity Boudoir Package

February 15, 2022

Maternity Boudoir

I recently had a request for a maternity boudoir package and I was so excited. My wonderful client and I created beautiful photos together and I can’t wait to show to you!

maternity boudoir
maternity boudoir

What is the difference between maternity boudoir package and a regular maternity session?

Maternity Boudoir Package

  • Focuses on you
  • Packages include hair and makeup
  • Session is up to two hours
  • Editing is at a much higher level than regular maternity sessions

A regular maternity session includes the entire family and the editing is less involved. Hair and makeup can be added on but there is no package and the fee structure is different.

I want you to leave your maternity boudoir session feeling absolutely amazing. Just the experience alone is wonderful and a special way of commemorating you and your future baby.

In a maternity boudoir session, or a regular boudoir session we really focus on making you feel wonderful. The photos are the main goal, but the entire experience is also very important. First off, I want to make sure that you enter the studio ready and confident so pre-session preparation is very important for me. When you do arrive I want you to have an amazing experience and this includes everything from the gorgeous studio to a great experience with hair and makeup. Our photography session together is fully guided and I will make sure you are posed in the most flattering positions possible.

I hope that you are interested in booking a session or finding our more? Perhaps you want a regular boudoir session? Contact me.