Family Photographer in Westmount

Why am I a Family Photographer in Westmount? Because I've lived here for eight years and am proud to call this beautiful neighbourhood home!

Family Photographer in Westmount

  • I have been been photographing hundreds of families since 2016. How many? Every time I travel abroad for spring break I run into around 2-3! That's a lot of families!
  • I am familiar with Westmount homes and feel comfortable photographing in them. Westmount homes can be pretty low light and have tricky layouts and I know how to work within that framework.
  • I am an EXPERT at the local parks having taken my kids there for hours. Oh yeah, I've taken a few photos there too. Unfortunately photography at the greenhouse is not allowed so we could only do a quick snap or two and move on.
  • Unsure? Ask a friend - they probably know someone who I've photographed.
  • I also have a studio that is very close by if you prefer that.

What are my favourite things about living in Westmount?

First off, I find that the families in Westmount are extremely friendly. I've met so many people. I think it's because it's such a small community that we all kind of get to know each other.

Our parks are wonderful! I mean, world class really. The layout and design, plus the views are magnificent.

Library, pool, tennis courts. Does that answer your question? And I use all three all the time.

I love living here and love meeting local families!

Are you interested in a shoot? Please contact me for details.

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