Why do a studio newborn photoshoot?

I recently wrote about why do an in-home newborn photoshoot. Now it's time to look at why do a studio newborn photoshoot!

Why do a studio newborn photoshoot?

  • No need to tidy your house
  • Usually provides a much more airy, light feel to the photos
  • Simpler sessions - no moving of furniture
  • More of a portrait based style than a storytelling style

Top 3 FAQs about studio newborn photoshoots

What do I need to bring?

Bring you and your baby! I have outfits, swaddles, diapers and wipes. There is a washroom in the studio.

When should I book?

Ideally book while you are still pregnant. We will book on your due date and move it from there. Ideally sessions take place between 1-3 weeks but I photograph a lot of older babies.

Can I choose between in-home and studio last minute?

You can but the studio may not be available so if this is your option you should plan on being flexible with dates.

My studio is located in Ville Émard. There is parking ($6) and an elevator. There is enough room in the studio to bring your stroller (or you can leave it in the hall).

Are you expecting and want to do a studio newborn photoshoot? Contact me.

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