Old Montreal Photoshoot

Are you travelling to Montreal this year? Do you want to remember your trip? Why not capture it with an Old MontrealPhotoshoot. Whether it's just you, your family, your partner or a maternity photoshoot don't hesitate to reach out.

Montreal is a unique and beautiful city, and if you're visiting or if you're a local you'll definitely want to capture the best locations.

Why do an Old Montreal Photoshoot?

-Never manage to schedule photoshoots because you have too many activities? You are now all together!

-Short or long options to fit your schedule and budget

-Remember this beautiful city and your family trip

-Celebrate a special milestone whether it's a birthday, pregnancy, or milestone

-Finally get those family photos you've been dreaming of

I've done many many photoshoots with both locals and visitors in Old Montreal and know the best places to go. I've also done hundreds of photoshoots and am used to working with families of all ages. Honestly, I don't think that there's anything I haven't seen.

Fast Facts about Old Montreal

-Montreal was settled in 1642!

-It was originally Iroquois land

-It became British in 1763 after the 7 years war

-If you want to learn more about the history of Old Montreal the Pointe-à-Callière museum is great for kids of all ages and adults (they even have a pirate ship you can go on)

-Old Montreal used to be largely abandoned and run down! I remember when a lot of the buildings were left empty and sometimes you could see circus performances practicing through the ruined buildings

-It is now a tourist attraction with more and more International visitors every year.

Curious about an Old Montreal photoshoot? Contact me. Let's create something magical.

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