Why I am a Holiday Minis Photographer

September 24, 2019

Why I’m a holiday minis photographer!

Most of the photographs you see that I do are usually in-home or outdoors but a few times of year I pull out the studio paper and do minis (or as I call them portrait pop ups) photography.  Why am I a holiday minis photographer?

There are a few reasons:

  • I get a lot of requests for studio photography.   But setting up a backdrop is a pain in the bum my friends!  It’s hard work to clear the studio, haul everything in, and set up.  I usually pinch a finger on the backdrop stand and am sweating and swearing by the end of it.  This way, I only have to set it up once and can capture a bunch of families.  Less swearing… less sweating
  • I get a lot of requests for people who just want a couple photos. Doing these shorter sessions allows me to just capture the main portraits that some families prefer.
  • I also get told a lot of kids won’t last for a full portrait session.  20 minutes and you’re in and out.
  • It can be easier to convince your husband if the photo session is only 20 minutes – I know that.
  • Budget.  Shorter sessions and fewer photos equals a smaller price tag that I know works better for some families.
  • It’s fun to switch it up creatively for me.  There’s a beauty and simplicity in these classic portrait sessions.  The lighting is always right and it’s fun to create a killer portrait.
  • It’s good to keep honing my lighting skills.  I’ve learned over time my lighting preference with the studio lights and am always improving.

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