7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

February 25, 2020

  1. I grew up in Canada’s only border city – Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan. My parents still live there. Yes, you can buy alcohol legally in Alberta (18 years old) and cross over to pick up a friend and have it all dumped in Saskatchewan (19 years old).
  2. I used to be an insurance underwriter. I worked at Lloyd’s of London for a few years. Of those work years I have two words: ‘beautiful architecture’ and ‘boozy lunch’. I guess that’s three.
  3. I secretly love Hawaiian Pizza with mushrooms.
  4. I also love Sibelius and I find these days I mostly listen to classical music.
  5. I had a white cat growing up called Buttons. I think she originally had one brown round ‘button’ on her when we named her and it ended up being dirt.
  6. I was pretty good in school except French and math. Ironic that I ended up learning French.
  7. I made this list because I have a goal to do one blog post each week and I wanted a change from blogging about photography!