In-Home Newborn Photographer

March 9, 2021

When my first son was born I didn’t hire a newborn photographer. To be honest, I just didn’t really jive with the tightly wrapped and posed newborn photos I saw out there. It was only when I discovered the wonderful genre of in-home photos that I saw something I clicked with. This is why I am an in-home newborn photographer. I want to create something that I truly love. I get plenty of requests for posed newborn photography, and lose potential clients because I don’t offer this style. But, I know I have to stick with what I love in order to really create something that truly makes my heart sing,

Why is important that I love what I do so so so so much?

Well, there’s a few reasons why.

First off, I truly believe that I am serving the parents I am working for by creating these images. I believe this with my heart and soul. These are more than portraits – they are a snapshot of this very special and unique (and hard and tough) time in their life. Not only am I capturing their baby, I am capturing parent(s) too. I firmly believe that any parents should be in the photos – they are part of the family and without them there is no story to be told.


Secondly, the home is where many of your child’s memories are made. How much do you love looking back at old photos seeing that crazy wallpaper, or the old-school tv or that bedspread you loved so much. These little touches add so much to photos. We don’t realize how important it is until years down the line.

Another reason I love being an in-home newborn photographer is because every family is different and those differences are what makes them unique and special, and we can capture that beautifully with in-home sessions.

The biggest objection I hear is that people don’t feel that their home is photo worthy. What is photo worthy? And why does it matter? Your home is where your children make their memories, where they feel the most comfortable and where they spend most of their time. Plus, I’ve photographed everywhere from small apartments to large luxury homes and honestly I don’t feel you can tell the difference. Some large homes are cluttered and have poor light, some of the smallest apartments have amazing light and a beautiful feeling. If you are concerned about light, I bring extra light with me and I really focus on finding the best light in your home.

If you are at all interested in an in-home newborn photography session don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or with any questions. It is my pleasure to be able to create these beautiful images for you!