Montreal Boudoir Photos

April 12, 2021

I believe that what is important because I’m not just taking Montreal boudoir photos. I am making a woman look and feel her best and allowing her to see the beauty that can sometimes be so hard to see in ourselves.

When I receive enquiries from women who are interested in Montreal Boudoir photos they often are nervous because they don’t know how to pose or what to wear. None of that matters.

How I Prepare You

-Prep Guide with day by day breakdown to prepare you

-Wardrobe advice with a stylist

-Collaboration on the type of images you love and want to create

-Full guidance on the day of the shoot from your toes to your head

-Hair and Makeup artist that works with you to achieve the look you want from natural and glowing to dramatic and intense

Montreal Boudoir Photos

Why would you come to me with for your photography?

First off do you love my portfolio? You have to fall in love with a photographer’s photos before you can really trust them to take your own.

Does my branding and overall look and feel resonate with you? Does my message about empowerment register with you?

Do you like my studio?

If you think I may be the photographer for you don’t hesitate to contact me!