3 Day NYC Itinerary with Kids Part 3

This is the second day of our 3 Day NYC Itinerary with Kids.

For the other parts: Here are Part 1, Part 2 and Part 4 of our trip.

After breakfast at our hotel we walked to Bryant Park.

After that we took a quick peak in Grand Central Station on our way to the Empire State Building.

We got our tickets to the Empire State Building in advance and I recommend you do too to save time. I would say most people already had their tickets. We didn't really wait at all and went right in as we got there right at opening.

It was really iconic and the views were amazing. Even my kids were into it.

After the Empire State Building we walked down the street and took the East River Ferry to DUMBO. This is a smart move because it's really not that far from the Empire State Building, it's very inexpensive and the ferry in itself is very nice.

We had lunch at the Time Out Market. There is a terrace but it was quite hot so we ate inside. The good thing about the Time Out Market is that it's very close to the ferry stop and it has a lot of options so it's good for everyone. There is a second floor with food in case you missed it, and nice bathrooms.

After lunch we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge. The entrance isn't super obvious, so you can't just wander and find it. We walked across the bridge which I loved. There was a lot of people but as it's outside it didn't feel stifling at all.

At the end of the bridge my kids insisted on a very expensive pretzel which they promptly hated. We had enough outdoor time in the heat at that point so we took a taxi back to the hotel.

While everyone was relaxing in the air conditioning, I went to the TKTS booth and bought tickets the next day for a matinee show. There is also a TKTS app I recommend so you can see what is for sale in advance.

That night we had dinner at Wagamama which honestly wasn't that great. We used to eat at Wagamama all the time in London and it was always so nice so it was a bit of a disappointment.

Stay tuned for our last day tomorrow!

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