3 Day NYC Itinerary Part 2

Here is the continuation of our 3 day NYC Itinerary!

A Brief Breakdown of our 3 Day NYC Itinerary

Here is a brief breakdown of Day 1 of our 3 day trip to NYC

Harry Potter Store

-The Met

-Lunch at Emmy's Squared Pizza

-Central Park

-Lego Store Fifth Avenue

-Magnolia Bakery

-Dinner at Jack's Wife Freda

For the other parts: Here are Part 1, Part 3 and Part 4 of our trip.

We started the day walking from our hotel at The Intercontinental Times Square to the Harry Potter Store which is very close to the Flatiron Building. It was a nice easy walk and we did not wait in line or anything at the store. If you read my previous post, basically at no point in any of our time did we wait in line (except to buy from the TKTS booth and that was maybe 20 minutes). I don't know if it was our timing or planning but everything was super smooth.

I did spot Milk Bar on the way and I had to stop in. I've been a fan of Christina Tosi's for ages and have made a ton of her recipes. Unfortunately it was way too early to really partake, but I bought a pre-packaged cookie to go and it was a perfect treat for later.

The kids LOVED the Harry Potter store. Be warned, it's expensive.

We tried a butterbeer (share one! they are sweet) and even though it's expensive it comes with a pretty cool reusable cup (they have a place to wash it). It's durable and dishwasher friendly. We went to the Harry Potter store first thing in the morning even though it was in the opposite direction of our next stop because a) my kids get up super early and The Met was not open and b) we wanted to avoid crowds.

Next we took a taxi to The Met. This is a long way and it was very very slow. Next time I would definitely take the subway.

Before we left I made the kids look through the exhibitions online and decide what they were most interested in. My children have a low tolerance for wandering around museums, so I knew that having a plan to target exhibits they would enjoy would be a key to a successful visit. Be warned, the museum (at the time of writing) is closed on Wednesdays.

We chose the Egyptian Art (a must visit) and the Arms and Armor section.

The kids were still up for it so we walked to the Greek and Roman Art section. I know we missed a ton, but I feel so strongly in setting yourself up for success and dragging kids for hours through exhibits they don't care about is miserable for everyone in our family. Maybe it's OK for yours, everyone has to do what works best.

After The Met it was lunchtime and we had a super pleasant walk through the Upper West Side which was a nice change from the bustle of Times Square and Midtown.

We had lunch at Emmy's Squared Pizza which was excellent and really not that busy. It was one of the highlight meals for me. If you are in a rush there is a hot dog stand right across from The Met which is apparently pretty famous. It was featured in the Netflix show Street Food USA.

After lunch we walked back through Central Park. We made sure to go through the central area past the fountain, reservoir with the view of the Dakota Building and straight through.

We went back to the Lego Store (there was a line up the day before and we never entered) and then I scooted to Magnolia Bakery. I got cupcakes for the kids and the banana pudding for myself. It turns out that their famous banana pudding is EXTREMELY easy to make, but the portions are massive.

After that we headed back to our hotel for downtime.

That night we took a taxi and ate at Jack's Wife Freda. The restaurant is actually quite famous and definitely kid friendly but the food itself didn't really wow me.

Day 2 and Day 3 of our 3 day Itinerary to New York City will be upcoming!

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