Mini Sessions in NDG & Westmount

I'm happy to announce that I'll be doing more Mini Sessions in NDG & Westmount. I kicked off the spring season with florals in Westmount Park and will be offering them again next year.

I will be offering these mini sessions again next year. If you'd like to participate please sign up to my newsletter.

Possible Locations for Mini Sessions in NDG & Westmount

I will be hosting my next mini sessions in an alley in NDG but I am hoping to offer more in various locations which may include:

  • Old Montreal
  • Parc Angrignon
  • Murray Hill

What do you think? Are there any other locations you'd be interested in?

I often ask for model calls before I offer mini shoots. Why? This is so I can create a gallery of photos so that people understand what their shoot may look like. It's also so I can test what works and what doesn't work in advance. If you are OK with social media sharing you may want to participate in a model call. Follow me on Instagram for opportunities.

What's the difference between a regular session and a mini session?

Regular session:

-Good for kids that take time to warm up or want a more relaxed session

-Wider variety of images and backgrounds

-Suitable for extended families and newborns (3 months and under)

-More images to select from and more images included in package

Mini session:

-Good for kids who warm up quickly

-Faster pace

-Less backgrounds

-Less images to select from as well as less images included in package

-Smaller price point

-Not suitable for extended family or newborns (3 months and under)

Have suggestions for me for Mini Sessions in NDG & Westmount? You can always contact me!

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