Relaxed Family Photographer

September 4, 2019

As a relaxed family photographer I get to meet a lot of amazing people, and it’s even better when I get to photograph them over time.  I can get to know them and see how their kids grow.  The kids get to know me so relax easier and we can try different things.  It’s pretty awesome.

relaxed family photographer relaxed family photographer relaxed family photographer relaxed family photographer

This family is no exception and they were one of the first families I photographed way back when.  I love their relaxed vibe, and their new place has a ton of great places to take photos.

Family Photographer Family Photographer Family Photographer Family Photographer Family Photographerrelaxed family photographer Family Photographer

I mean… how amazing!

Family Photographer Family Photographer

I was lucky enough to get the grandparents along too, and even grandpa who came all the way from Australia.  We got all the regular ‘looking at the camera’ family photos and then I made sure to get candids of real life interactions and love.

Family Photographer Family Photographer

All the good stuff that you are going to want to look back in years down the line.

Family Photographer Family Photographer

It was a super bright and hot day but we still managed to get a few outdoor photos in the shade that I love too.  I love my style of sessions and I love being a relaxed family photographer.

Family Photographer

I mean – seriously!  How cute is he?

Thanks guys for another amazing photo session!  Interested in capturing your life?  Contact me for a beautiful, relaxed and fun photo session.

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Family Photographer