How to take the ultimate pregnancy selfie

December 31, 2019

Are you pregnant or expecting and you want to record your beautiful bump month after month? Here are a few ideas for taking a beautiful pregnancy selfie.

-Get the mirror off the wall and move it to where the light is best

-Try to use natural light if you can. Setting up the mirror next to a window so the natural light shines on you is best.

-Wear fitted clothing so we can see the bump or use your hand to cradle underneath your belly if you are wearing a loose skirt.

-Turn to the side, push that bum & hips back and pop a knee out for the most flattering pose.

-Try capturing your life too – the nursery, your pets, your partner or your other kids.

-Don’t be afraid to wear something skimpy to show off that bump! You don’t have to keep the photo if you really hate it but years from now you might love the way your belly looks.

-Don’t use the on-camera flash. Ever. It’s just not flattering. Also if you are in artificial light make sure it’s not right overhead giving unflattering shadows under your eyes.

-Look at the background! I’m surprised how many times I see photos where people are standing in front of a garbage can!

-JUST TAKE THE PHOTO. You won’t regret having them.

-Tried to take the ultimate pregnancy selfie and hate it? Want some professional photos to record your beautiful bump? That’s when you contact me! Everyone wants a beautiful photo of themselves and it’s no different when you are pregnant.

Maternity photography is very personal so let me know how you want to be photographed and we’ll make it happen!

My bump and baby portfolio is here.

You can contact me here.

I can’t wait to create your beautiful photography!

ps Did you know that I partner with Rock the Cradle and Destination Sleep for my maternity photos?

**none of the photos here are selfies! They are all maternity photos I took for my beautiful clients.

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