Newborn Swaddles and Outfits

March 9, 2021

Hey guys! As you’ve probably heard me mention many times before, I do not pose or prop my babies. However, I have started adding newborn swaddles and outfits to my photoshoots. Why?

Why I Feel This Enhances My Shoots

Having a baby is a crazy, chaotic and wonderful time. While some parents have a specific outfit in mind, I’ve found that over 5 years of doing shoots, my families tend to pick something last minute. It can be stressful and sometimes parents forget and the outfit or swaddle is in the wash or misplaced.

Another reason is that most parents don’t want to buy newborn size clothing. I get it! They are going to literally grow out of those clothes in two weeks. However, I know from experience that well fitting clothing ultimately looks best in photos.

Low Stress Experience

I have worked so hard to try and make every step of my newborn photoshoot a low stress experience. I want my parents to feel fully confident on the day of the shoot. Having a newborn is tough enough! I want the photoshoot to be enjoyable and relaxing. I want to give you time to breathe and just enjoy your little one. Having a selection of clean, beautiful items you can pick from on-hand is part of that low stress experience.

Locally Owned Stores

Most of my newborn swaddles and outfits are from locally owned shops such as:

When We Wear Young

Little Minimalist


I know the owners of all three of these shops personally and they are all lovely people who strive to select beautiful, well-made clothing for their stores. I am proud to support them and offer their products to my clients.

My Selection

When you enquire about my newborn photography services you are sent a link to view the full selection of newborn swaddles and outfits available. You can pick in advance, or I’ll show up on the day of the shoot with a few items and offer suggestions.

If you are at all interested in a newborn photo shoot don’t hesitate to contact me.