In-Home Photographer

October 7, 2019

In-Home Photographer

I love being an in-home photographer because it means that I get to capture my families where most of their memories are made and where they feel the most comfortable – their home!

It’s also super easy for my families to have an in-home session.  No getting in the car, schlepping snacks and diapers, or getting stuck in traffic.  Plus, we get to have breaks for diapers and snacks.

We also get to take pictures of favourite toys, reading books and even sometimes craft time.

In-home sessions are really tailored to each of my clients and each set of photos always ends up being unique.  I wrote more here about the benefits of in-home photography.

Thank-you so much to this family for inviting me into their home to capture them!  It’s always a pleasure!

Would you like more information on an in-home session?  Contact me today.